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Books are Dangerous

Because, they contain IDEAS

A session aimed to create awareness among students about CODISSIA Book Fairs and the significance of books in student life was conducted by Coimbatore Book Foundation (CBF) at the Department of Communication, PSG College of Arts & Science on Feb. 15, 2023. 

Dr.Jayaprakash.CR, Mr.Thangarajan.M and Mr.Elangovan.C.R at the Communication Dept. in PSG College of Arts & Science

Senior Reporter Mr.Thangarajan.K from Dinamani, Coimbatore and Mr. Elangovan.C.R from Coimbatore District Small Scale Industries Association (CODISSIA) were the guest lecturers of the day. 

Both the guests addressed the students in a general aspect on journalism and their specialization fields, which were enriched by the base of books and the habit of regular reading from their early life. 

The Coimbatore Book fair which is also popularly known as CODISSIA bookfair has been taking place for nearly 8 years. The root of creating ‘Book fair in Coimbatore’ was to provide people with the experience of being surrounded by the most phenomenon invention and to furthermore be enhanced by knowledgeable people. This idea was put forward by Mr. Elangovan, taking notice of Chennai book fairs over the years. 

“The journey of thousands of miles begins with one step”, identically Coimbatore’s first book fair had only 35 visitors on the inaugural, However, the previous year’s Coimbatore bookfair had nearly 68,000 people. All the glory goes to the CODISSIA for making it happen consistently. 

Mr.Thangarajan’s highlights for students: Students should start reading books beyond topics and themes that aren’t related to their subjects. 

Learn the history of your surroundings, the places in your city, the University & the founders, and the association of the name with its origin. 

Specialists from various fields could be masters in their specific lane, but journalists need to know everything. If not in-depth knowledge in a wide field, then at least brief knowledge of all the fields must be developed. 

“Yes, books are dangerous. They should be dangerous – they contain ideas.” – Pete Hautman 

Each student must read a minimum of 5 pages each day, which will improve their memory power, strengthen their writing skills and it will change the mindset of individuals on a positive note. 

Once students get into the habit of reading regularly, their thirst for knowledge can’t be quenched until they read. 

The new media platform has created great opportunities for students to exhibit their talents, and they should make use of it wisely. Students should be tech-savvy additionally, along with their core majors to survive in the digital world. 

Post Graduate and Researchers batch of Media students of PSG CAS attending the session on Book Reading

Mr. Elangovan’s highlights for students: 

Develop skills toward your passion, in the circle of life you’ll end up with your passion inevitably but how fast you attain it matters, construct yourself accordingly. 

Don’t under estimate yourself and never say “I don’t have time”, if you are determined enough, you’ll make time for your ambitions. 

Create the habit of writing down; your views and understanding after reading. With time, this will bring out your talent for writing. 

Leave out hesitation. Don’t be hesitant to grab your opportunities, or start something new, everyone was a beginner once. 

The event was co-ordinated by DR. Jayaprakash. CR, Head, Department of Communication. The Lecture was sponsored by the Coimbatore Book Foundation. Students of MA Journalism and Mass Communication, MSc. Electronic Media attended the event held at PSG College of Arts & Science.

Report: Shobika ( I MA JMC). Images: Rahul & Jebhan Samuel

12 thoughts on “Books are Dangerous

  1. Books are not just a source of knowledge but also a means of personal growth and development. By reading books we can expand our horizons, broaden our perspectives, and develop critical thinking skills. We can also learn about different cultures, traditions, and ways of life, which can help us become more empathetic and understanding individuals. Apart from academic textbooks, we should also read literature, poetry, biographies, and other genres of books that can stimulate our imagination and creativity. Reading for pleasure can be a great way to relieve stress, improve mental health, and boost overall well-being. In today’s digital age, where information is available at our fingertips, it is more important than ever to develop good reading habits. We should learn to distinguish between reliable and fake information and use our critical thinking skills to evaluate sources. We should also be aware of the impact of social media and other digital platforms on our mental health and well-being. The CODISSIA book fair is an excellent opportunity for us to explore a wide range of books, interact with authors and publishers, and participate in various activities related to reading and learning. We should make the most of such events and use them as a platform to showcase our talents, network with professionals, and learn new skills. It is important to note that books are not dangerous in themselves. It is the ideas they contain that can be dangerous or beneficial depending on how they are interpreted and applied. We, media students should be encouraged to read widely and critically, question assumptions, and form our own opinions based on evidence and reason. In this way, books can be a powerful tool for personal growth, social change, and a better world.

  2. Books can be considered as a powerful tool for learning, self-improvement, and personal development. Reading books can expand our knowledge, enhance our critical thinking skills, and help us understand different perspectives and cultures. Books can also inspire us to challenge our assumptions, explore new ideas, and question the status quo. In this sense, books are not dangerous but can be a source of intellectual and personal growth. Reading books is a great way to expand our knowledge, improve our cognitive function, and enhance our overall well-being. Whether we are looking to learn something new, relax and unwind, or boost our creativity, there’s a book out there that can meet our needs.

  3. Books are dangerous …in the sense that it can blast the existing wrong beliefs. Even churches banned printing of books in earlier years because of the fear that they might exploit the situation with radical thoughts.

  4. Reading books benefits both your physical and mental health, and those benefits can last a lifetime. They begin in early childhood and continue through the senior years. Dangerous books sometimes bring a story to life, sometimes bring life to a story, but they’re dangerous for the way they make us feel. It’s true that books enable dissent, because by opening our imaginative horizons they encourage us to see what the world could be like. Reading books is good for our mental health, since it directly affect our ideas and thoughts by reading a lot. The bad event in the story influence us. Though it makes us to explore by reading, and sometimes it pulls one to information fatigue. Reading takes different meanings for different people. Reading takes one on journeys where the destination isn’t the highlight, it’s the path they take. Books are a portal to a world we can’t touch, it takes us to the imaginary things, so by this people will get detached from the reality.

  5. Books are more dangerous than blasting bomb. There is one proverb,The pen is mightier than the sword which tells about book can change the sense of people in constructive way.One new library can shut down thousands in prison. IN that way, books are more dangerous to wrong doers. Books are path way of gaining better knowledge of society and people. Books gives a vigil to the each and every people. With reading of the book, humans are heroes, without reading the book humans are zeroes

  6. Through this session we had understood that reading books is an incredibly important activity that can have a profound impact on our lives. It’ll help us gain knowledge on a variety of topics and improves our vocabulary. The more we read, the more words we learn and the better we become at expressing ourselves. It helps to keep our brains active and engaged, improving cognitive function. Reading books helps us understand and relate to different perspectives and experiences, which can enhance our empathy and ability to connect with others.This can be a great way to relax and de-stress after a long day, providing a welcome escape from the pressures of everyday life. It can also inspire and stimulate our imagination, encouraging us to think creatively and explore new ideas.This can provide insights and guidance on personal growth, helping us develop new skills, overcome challenges, and become better versions of ourselves.It’s high time we start exploring books of our likings.

  7. Our physical and mental health will benefit from reading, and these advantages can last a lifetime but at the same time Long reading sessions or “too much” reading might be detrimental to your health. If you read a lot, you run the risk of suffering from both mental and physical health problems. When you read excessively, you become slow, fatigued, and mentally and physically exhausted. But all you really need is a regular reading schedule.You’ll have periods and days when you won’t read anything, but there will also be days when you simply cannot put the book down. This is a crucial question to ask ourself in the latter stages of a book when you find ourself unable to put it down. But in reality books carry knowledge, books are pollinators of our minds, spreading self-replicating ideas through space and time. A book can be taken away, kept hidden, your own private store of knowledge.
    The power of the words inside the books is so great and improved our skills.

  8. Reading books improves concentration and reading skills.Books contain information about all kinds of things which build our knowledge of the world.Books have been the medium of information storage for hundreds of years.Technology has made it possible to have electronic books these days.I prefer to read printed books over digital books as the feel of every book is different.

  9. Reading books not only develops vocabulary but also develops the interest of one self. Reading is an absolutely important habit which makes one developed their personal etiquet and knowledge. It can give guidance and provide the thoughts on developing new skills overcoming challenges and personal growth which is considered the most important aspect of today’s human being. Reading can also distract and individual from negative thoughts and makes him or her approach life in a positive manner and also make an individual a better person or a better version of themselves. Reading doesn’t mean only of fictional stories extra it also means reading journals newspapers articles magazines even small bits of papers so that knowledge on a particular topic or variety of topics can be gained or developed. So far as reading is considered it is not a dangerous job to do. But reading can be dangerous if it is overdosed anything that is of more goodness is also to be consumed up to a certain limit so as reading does. So reading is much better when it is fruitful to an individual or a society or any of them unless and until it is done wisely.

  10. A good reading habit is a very useful habit that inculcates knowledge and wisdom in a person. Anyone with good reading habits finds that books are their best friends. Such a person does not feel lonely as long as he/she has a book.
    It also improves your vocabulary and lets you learn new words every time you sit down to read. Reading good books is a way to progress and prosper in life. Whatever language you chose, reading a book is always helpful.
    Reading elevates your thinking and takes you to a whole new level of knowledge and confidence. It lets you look at life and success from a whole new perspective. Children who have access to good reading books are seen to be more productive, creative and quick learners.
    Books give us access to more information than a lecture that runs for an hour or two. You just have to develop good reading habits in you, by some method or the other. First, pick a book of the subject or genre you like. Getting your eyes on a book of your choice will help inculcate good reading habits in you.

  11. POOR LANGUAGE… Needs re-writing…

    they good book reading all so good writer to increasing concentration and improving on to communication skills.book reading habit increasing relif on pressur and main focus power increasing to developing vocabulary
    Other readers will always be interested in your opinion of the books you’ve read. Whether you’ve loved the book or not, if you give your honest and detailed thoughts then people will find new books that are right for them And this book will help others know that mistakes are okay and part of learning.

  12. Reading books helps in the growth and development of an individual. It allows us to gain access to a variety of concepts, information, and knowledge. When we are lonely and depressed, they serve as our best companions. Reading good stories, science fiction, or tales can keep us focused and keep us from getting bored. Reading helps us improve our capacity for focus. Concentration improves our chances of achieving our life’s goal.

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