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Make Dirt to Grow Greens


Gowri S Dev, Feb.20, 2024

PSG College of Arts and Science joined hands with the Awareness Charitable Trust (ACT), a Chennai based Non-Governmental Organization in the form of an Memorandum of Understanding ( MoU)  to conduct events related to Sustainable Developmental Goals.

As a part of this MoU a Nursery maintenance program was conducted at the Gopanari Forest Rest House on Sunday, February, 18, 2024. This program is a part of Project Parayavarn conducted by ACT to help wildlife and the ecosystem.

Nine students from first MA Journalism and Mass Communication and two students from first BSc Botany participated in this program at this village, next to Anaikatti in Coimbatore, bordering Kerala

List of Participants:

Annie Susan Georgina S D, Preethi K, Vishnupriya R, Mahalakshmi.S, Karthick M, Mano Sree S, Imran N, Dharshini K, and Ranjith M from first year MA Journalism and Mass Communication.  Gouri S Dev, Research Scholar from the Department of Communication,  Pruthika S and Priyadarshini M from the first year B.Sc. Botany participated in the one-day event by travelling over 50 kms sparing their weekend holiday.

These students transferred more than fifty young saplings of fruiting trees like Singapore Cherry, Surinam Cherry and Teak saplings into bigger grow bags for better growth. The transferred saplings will be planted at the selected water holes of the region by June after the onset of South west monsoon.

Students were offered Appreciation Certificates at the work site itself.

Organiser’s Message:
 Mr. Rajesh Krishnan, a social entrepreneur and the board member of Awareness Charitable Trust explained the significance of planting trees in the water holes of the reserved forest.  

DR. Jayaprakash. C.R, Head of the Department of Communication at PSG College of Arts and Science and a profound environmental communicator introduced the students to the names of plants that they are about to plant.  Besides that, he discussed the nature of the landscape and the weeds that harm the entire environment. Mr.Sivakumar Joghi Arjunan, a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ambassador from UST joined the event by working with the students in transplanting the saplings.

 The Day
The students were truly enthusiastic about mixing the manure with soil and carefully planting the sampling in bigger grow bags with the supervision of organizers. In the meantime, some students prepared lime juice and boiled eggs as a healthy refreshment for those working on field.

 With the spirit of teamwork, they completed planting the saplings within three hours. Despite the harsh sunlight,  students felt connected with nature and enjoyed every bit of the trip. Adequate breakfast and lunch was organised to the students who worked for an environmental cause.
Students were sensitised on
• The vital practices in raising nurseries
• Applying right soil mixture for saplings in a nursery.
• Weeds and exotic trees in the forest area by listening to Dr. Jayaprakash C R.
• The importance of CSR activities in wildlife and nature conservation from Mr.Rajesh and Mr.Siva.

4 thoughts on “Make Dirt to Grow Greens

  1. Attending the nursery maintenance program at Anaikatti was an enriching experience. Collaborating with PSG College and the Awareness Charitable Trust, we learned about sustainable practices and the importance of CSR in conservation efforts. Working together to transplant saplings was rewarding despite the challenges. It was a valuable reminder of our responsibility towards the environment, and I look forward to future opportunities to contribute.

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