Flowers at Redwoods

Fragrant Flower.

Here are some attractive flowers raised at Redwoods, the Organic Farm at Thadagam, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.

Shenbagam, Magnolia champaka . An all season flower from the Champa Tree. Emits a pleasing fragrance.

Manoranjitham the mesmerising fragrant flower

Manoranjitham, known as Ylang Ylang is scientifically named as Artrabortys hexapetalus. The flower blooms with a mesmerising fragrance.

One thought on “Flowers at Redwoods

  1. This manoranjitham is a shrub which looks like a jar in shape also smells like a jar full of exotic fragrance.This ylang ylang is also used for treating various health inconveniences.
    It has so many pluses like its pleasant on the eyes, aromatic and helpful in many ways too.

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