Central University of Tamil Nadu / Media Department

Event supported by Google Network Initiative (GNI) and Data Leads as I happen to be a part of their Trainers Network on Factchecking.

Delivered a Lecture at the Department of Media & Communication of Central University, Tamil Nadu on CLIMATE CHANGE VERIFICATION .

Dr. Ravindran Gopalan, Professor & Head of the Department presided. Dr. Radha Badhran, Associate Professor and Dr. Francis P Barclay Assistant Professor also joined the event which was attended by the final year Graduate students in Journalism and Mass Communication. The event was held on October 21, 2022.

Difference between Climate & Weather, Myths and Facts behind the 1.5 Degree Celsius increase in temperature, Identifying the source, checking the credibility, links, checking the retractions and introduction to reliable agencies were explained with examples. The importance of creating pictorials rather than mere exposure to snap shots was also explained.

Students evinced interest in joining a field trip at Western Ghats to observe nature and sustain their interest towards conserving the future.


8 thoughts on “Central University of Tamil Nadu / Media Department

  1. Fantabulous sir! We can organise a training workshop like this for our college students as well. We can organize a two – day program where we can have training and lectures on one day and field trip on the other day. This will really be useful to many environmental enthusiasts of our college sir!

  2. I think you could conduct a session like this
    It will be good to have a session by you with us . I like to have a session with even more interactive through activities which makes us actively participate in the event.

  3. Sir it’s a great effort taken by you. I think you could conduct a session like this in our college campus too. It will offer great pleasure to meet you in person Sir. This will be really more useful to us Sir.

  4. Sir, I’m glad to see you as a GNI India training network trainer. I request you to share with us the information you have given about climate change verification in that training session.

    Sir, I request you to arrange such training sessions in our college.

  5. Great sir ! This is a most crucial topic to be discussed between students and initiatives should be taken by all. It would be usefull if we get a chance of this session sir. And also field trip if possible. Climate change, heatwaves, ice sheet melting, irregular weather patterns, etc have become new normal and thus changes should happen. And we all should take steps.

  6. We can also arrange such session in our college with more interactive activities.
    We can also conduct a competition based on this,so that many peoples will come to know about the different perspectives of different peoples of that particular topic.

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