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Reporting & Editing / Elements of News

Elements of News

  1. Conflict

One of the most important news elements, Human nature is to choose sides and stand up for that choice. Readers are mostly interested in news which holds conflict as it’s a key element.

All types of news which involves disagreements, arguments, rivalries, disputes and difference of opinion comes under conflict. These news stories create tension and surprise among the readers.

Stories that involve conflict include those about war, murder, damage, injury, disruption, religion, sports, business, trials, human right violation, politics and even struggles against nature, animals and outer space.


Russia and Ukraine War (2022).

India and Pakistan Border Problem (Over 70 years).

2. Progress/Disaster

Progress involves any significant change for the betterment of humanity. It also refers to achievements in the laboratory, industry or legislative body, etc.

All types of news which involves inventions, remedies, scientific discoveries and inventions that later becomes a disaster also such as DDT, Antibiotics, Nuclear reactors.

These news story highlights the triumphs for achievements and defeat for destruction.


SARDAR SMS side effects.  New Education Policy 2020.

3. Consequence

News stories that directly impacts the readers and has effects upon community. Hence readers want to know about it.

These News emphasize the angle of a story that interests most readers/ listeners/viewers in terms of consequences and the events in the story has sequences.


Javed Miandad son’s marriage.

Gyanvapi case, Varanasi. (The news holds the interest of the community and it also has sequence since 1991, the last hearing was on October 11, 2022 and the next hearing is on October 14, 2022)

4. Prominence/Eminence

A well-known person, place or event has a stronger news angle than something the audience isn’t familiar with. Prominence brings this aspect to the table.

The more renowned a particular name, place, event or situation, the more interest the news will create among its readers.



News about the celebrities or political members.

Nirmala Sitharaman buys vegetables from Mylapore Market (October, 2022). (If a normal person goes to market, it doesn’t become news but as Nirmala Sitharaman is the Finance Minister of India it’s prominent, becomes news)

5. Timeliness

Timeliness or Immediacy is an important requisite of news. It emphasis the latest angles of an event.

The latest angles are emphasized, if there are updates from the previous incidents. Such as court cases and election (candidates/campaigns/speech/data analysis/results).


News about trades in Stock Markets.

India’s first statute bench case live on YouTube (2022).

6. Proximity

Proximity refers to geographic nearness.

If an event is happening nearby, it will impact the audience more than if it were happening somewhere else, such as in another state or country.


Local News of a District/City. Guindy rail station skywalk, local news of Chennai (2022).

Notes submitted by Shobica.SR (22MMC022) based on the inputs received from DR. Jayaprakash. C.R on October 13, 2022.

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