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Reporting & Editing/Definitions of NEWS


News is a report of a current event. It is information about something that has just happened or will happen soon.

News is a report about recent happenings in a newspaper, Television, Radio or Internet.

News is something that is not known earlier.

From all these, we can safely define news as a development that has happened in the past 24 hours which was not known outside and which is of wide interest to the people and that which generates curiosity among listeners.

All of you must be reading newspapers. Why is it called a newspaper?

Because it contains news.

There are various sources of news. You can hear it on the radio, view it on a television channel, read it in a newspaper or surf it on internet in a computer. News is something that you come across every day in your life.

 What makes news?

 When a dog bites a man, that is not news, because it happens so often. But if a man bites a dog, that is news. Though this may seem true, sometimes, when a dog bites a man that can also become news.

 Have you ever thought about how we get news?

Suppose a dog bites a famous film star, it definitely makes big news.

It is said that the letters in the word “NEWS” is derived from the four directions as indicated below: N orth E ast W est S outh This shows that news can come from anywhere.

News is the report of a current event, something that was not known, information of recent events and happenings. In the railway station, you might have noticed the board displaying the train timings. That is not news. That is information. But information becomes news when news value is added to it. For example, if a new train time table is issued by the railways replacing the existing one with changes in train timings, that becomes news.

It is generally said that if a news report provides answers to six questions, then it is a perfect news item. These six questions include five Ws and one H. The five Ws are When? Where? What? Why? and Who?  The H is How?

News is a current event or a situation, that is of interest or significance to a substantial part of readership. News is something accurate, informative, Celebration, tragedy, different, historical, latest, invented, common interest, opinion, beautiful, ugly, rare, happening, concrete, commercial, political, economical, event

News is what will make people talk- George M Morris

News is anything you didn’t know yesterday. – Turner Catlege

News consists of events which obtrude above normal and which can be anticipated by observation at those places where newsworthy events had happened in the past – Walter Lipman

Submitted by George Gill .TJ based on inputs from DR. Jayaprakash. C.R on October 14, 2022.

One thought on “Reporting & Editing/Definitions of NEWS

    News stories are About events that have an impact on many people describe the unusual and exceptional situations or events, that are about widely known famous people. Word choice, writing style, and the length of the news story is usually dogged by the number of people affected by the event and or the number of the people interested in the event

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