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  1. Students of MA Journalism and Mass Communication and Development Communication (Trans -Disciplinary Course) for Post Graduate students of PSGCAS visit and review the exhibition.

    1. Sir,here I would like to share my experience of attending “Moody landscape”event….
      Through this event I came to know the great art maker K.Jayaram sir!
      I think Jayaram sir also spoke to the attending people – by his images. … picture speaks and lives…
      His pictures is not a just a click. It tells story to convey the people’s..wait for the moment of even every pictures to take risk himself. Finally understood myself the age is not a matter to achieve! After watching the documentary ,I change myself, nature lover to explore new…

  2. This exhibition is highlighting a variety of photographers, visual artists and creators from all over the world. Whether Every piece on display has been carefully selected to showcase a beautiful piece of work at life-size.

  3. Sir, here I would like to share my experience of attending “Moody Landscape” event. Through this event I came to know the great photographer K Jayaram.

    The documentary “Insects Of Infinity” was made by Mayanz Theater which has documented the life events of K Jayaram in an aesthetic manner.

    Every photo taken by Jayaram has amazed me a lot. I especially liked the way he captured the frogs and butterflies. Jayaram sir knows the trick of capturing the subject clearly even if the background and subject are of the same color. Such photos are definitely world class.

    A certain scene comes up in that documentary. In that scene, Jayaram sir, who is traveling in a car, suddenly gets down and takes a picture of the nearby hill. It looked like a very normal environment. But the way Jayaram sir captured that environment is definitely amazing.

    Many of Jayaram sir’s friends shared many interesting things about him in this event. Through it I came to know that he is not only a photographer but also a great scientist.

    His patience in waiting for hours for a perfect frame was amazing. I was very surprised by his interest in finding and reading books.

    K Jayaram sir’s photos are featured in various government and private sector books and magazines which shows his unique talent.

    It is very sad that the great photographer and scientist Jayaram sir is not with us today. But surely he will live with us forever through his photos.

    The eulogy for him had many lines that were appropriate for him. I would like to quote its last line here,

    ‘இயற்பெயர் ஜெயராம்
    செயற்பெயர் நிழற்கலைஞன்’

  4. This event shines a spotlight on a multitude of global photographers, visual artists, and imaginative minds. Each piece exhibited has been thoughtfully chosen to present a stunning masterpiece in its full life-sized glory. It’s a captivating display that truly encapsulates the essence of artistic brilliance from around the world.

  5. The nature of beauty is easy to see, but it requires immense effort to capture, a feat elegantly accomplished by the photographer K. Jayaram. The documentary, enriched with his photographs, depicts the prodigious effort he invested throughout his life. Perfection is attained only through unwavering commitment, dedication, and passion. Through the photographs, I can understand how greatly he devoted his life to photography.

    He even made a lot of efforts like importing print sheets from Germany, to replicate the images into photographs. The documentary and his photographic compositions will serve as milestones for those who aspire to thrive in this field. I’m proud to count myself among them.

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