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DJ Memorial International Photography Exhibition at PSG CAS


The team which conducted the Exhibition in an effective and efficient way at PSG CAS in 2022.

Eco Club of PSG College of Arts & Science ( PSG CAS) is conducting its first International Wildlife Photography Exhibition at its campus from August 10, 2022

Poster for Exhibition at PSG CASs
Invitation for DJMPCE
Wildlife Photography
Invitation for Exhibition

Images submitted by professional wildlife photographers from 36 countries for Dr. D. Jayavarthanvelu Memorial Photography Contest (DJMPC) are displayed in this event. DJMPC is an international contest sponsored by Coimbatore’s elite engineering industrial establishment, Lakshmi Machine Works (LMW) in memory of its founder and former Chairman and Managing Director Dr. D.Jayavarthanavelu. The event was administered and curated by Mr.Vikram Sathyanathan under the mentorship of Mr. K.Maruthachalam ARPS, APSA, AFIAP.,

DJMPC is an annual event with a mission to identify , recognise and honour the talents in Photography. PSG College of Arts & Science, the pioneer in Arts & Science education in its Platinum Jubilee Year takes pride in joining with LMW to take wildlife photography to the next level. Eco Club and the Department of Communication are organising the Photography Exhibition to take the conservation messages embedded in the photographs to younger generations.

  This Green Initiative is done at PSG CAS as part of its commitment towards following the Sustainable Development Goals ( SDG’s) as advised by The United Nations (UN).

The fresh batch of students admitted in the year 2022 will have the first glimpse of the stunning art works made by the wildlife photographers. All other students, faculty and supporting staff would also watch this exhibition which is displayed at Brahmmam Hall. Students and faculty of other Institutions are also permitted for this event with prior intimation and permission. No Entry Fee is levied for this sensitisation program.

Images are categorised under Sunrise/Sunset and Wildlife themes.

Visitors on the day of soft launch: August 10, 2022

The Inter Departmental Course (IDC) students of Development Communication had their learning on the first day. DR.Ravikrishnan. CJ and DR.Ramaprabha.R  and Prof.Aiswariya.SS visited the exhibit hall. Twenty Post Graduate students had an orientation on Environmental Communication.

The Extra Departmental Course ( EDC) students of Development Communication had their learnings on Wildlife Photography. The head of Visual Communication Department DR. Radha.G, Assistant Professors DR.Sripriya. M, DR. Panbuselvan and Saravana Siva Vignesh made their visit. Eighty (80) students from two batches of Under Graduate (UG) students had their orientation.

Organising Wildlife Photography
Trained Volunteers for Wildlife Photography Exhibition at PSG CAS

Student volunteers:   Harshini.K.B and Jaishni.C.S from II BCom, NivethaSree.M and Madhumitha.G from II BSc Statistics, Sneha.R and Muthu Vishnu.S from II BBA -A, Maharajan.J from II BSc Micro biology, Aaditya.V.K from III BSc. Visual Communication, Karthiban, Kishore Ashwin, Gokul. T and friends from III BA Economics served as key volunteers for the soft launch and preparatory works.

Posters for the event were made by Harini.S of II MA Journalism and Mass Communication, Priya of III BSc Visual Communication, Gokul. T of III BA Economics. Kishore Ashwin of III BA Economics created and designed the Quick Response (QR ) code posters for Eco Club Membership enrollment and Exhibition write-up. DR. Ravikrishnan CJ created the Feedback form.

Visitors on August 11, 2022: 

First year students from twenty(20) Departments of PSG CAS made  their visit as a part of Students Induction Program (SIP). Around 950 students and Professors visited on this day. Respective Class Tutors guided the students from Class rooms to Brahmmam Hall. Hence scheduling became easier.

Senior Statistics students Abinaya and Nivetha streamlined the visiting First year students.
Streamlined Visitors
Students were guided by their respective Class Tutors. Hence they came in an organised way.
Senior students from Economics helped in arranging the Frames in a sequence.
Junior Vikatan Reporter and Journalism student Mahalakshmi made an exciting presentation to the incoming  juniors.

 Friday had limited visitors because of the three day holiday weekend approach. Principal has granted permission to continue the Exhibition until August 18. Hence we can talk to over first 2k plus first year students on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Get ready Volunteers.

Team Work
Sneha.R and team from Second years on an arrangement spree.
Keen observers
Final year MA JMC student Shibu delivers the point to First year BCom students on Day Two.
BCom, BVoc and MSc SS Professors acknowledge the active participation of volunteers apart from the amazing images.

Next batch of SIP students (Freshers) are likely to join us next week as per the schedule programmed by the College. Hence this Exhibition is extended until August 24, 2022.

Final year MA JMC student Krishna Bharathi explaining the roll of  Elephants in our Forests

As a Staff Co-ordinator of Eco Club, DR. Jayaprakash made a presentation on the Club activities to the First Year students of PSG CAS at GRD Auditorium on August 17, 2022. Soon after the event some more students joined the club and visited the Exhibition.

Second year Microbiology student Indhuja explains about the concepts to juniors.
Scan & Join Eco Club
First year students join Eco Club Group by scanning the QR code displayed at DJMPE event in Brahmmam Hall of PSG CAS.

The penultimate day, August 22, 2022 had enthusiastic packs of visitors. The Whats App Membership Drive attained its peak from this days visitors. It rose from 120 to 280. Thanks to the volunteers who explained about the event with passion.

Tuesday, August 23, 2022 is the last day of this Exhibition at PSG CAS. Hence, ask your friends to make a visit.

Keen observers
First year students listening to the Making of International Wildlife Photography Exhibition.
Biochemistry and BCS Professors on an observation spree. Thanks to their visit and they encouraged their students to get immersed in this NATURE TRAIL.
BBA team which managed key roles in the Exhibition at PSG CAS for DJMPCE -2022.

It was a great finish today, August 23, 2022. This blog received 20 comments on Monday and 24 on Tuesday. Thanks for the first year students who have shown so much of confidence on us. Now we need to live up to their expectations. I dedicate the success of this event to the volunteers who arranged the frames on day one and dismantled, re-packed them and lifted it to my room this afternoon. Without their hard work the stage wouldn’t have been set. Then we had the vibrant volunteers who explained the concepts with so much care to the freshers. Our next job is documenting the images, videos and text in a vibrant format. Expect lively REEEELS from tomorrow…

Note: I need the newly enrolled First Year students to comment on the event so that we can improve our presentation for the next two batches in the coming week. This would also help us in identifying the interested students for future events. Students coming up with Good suggestions would be prioritised for Eco Club’s Core Committee membership.


For further details, please feel free to contact DR. Jayaprakash. C.R, the Staff Coordinator of Eco Club at PSG CAS. Email: crjayaprakash@gmail.com

Poster for Exhibition at PSG CASs
Wildlife Photography
More about DJMPCE
Training on Wildlife Photography
Organising Wildlife Photography

118 thoughts on “DJ Memorial International Photography Exhibition at PSG CAS

  1. Really very excited about the event, it is our duty to make everyone engaging into the art of wildlife photography. It shouldn’t be like a passerby visit into the gallery.

    Controlling and organising:
    I fell that a maximum of 50 shall be let into the hall so that they can be explained and have a look into the photos without rush. Once first 10 among the 50 members leave next 10 shall be let into the hall.(if possible)

    Once the visitors comes out we shall collect feedback. We can also ask them to rate the photographs. Let us use green colours for excellent; yellow colour for satifactory and red colours for improvements needed. Also they shall tell about the ideas that they got admired today and their views on wildlife and importance.

  2. I am very glad to be part in this event . Each picture has it’s own story and this expo is compilation of 40 amazing wild Life Stories. I hope everybody visiting the expo shall experience their presence in different landscape by travelling into the photos
    One shall explain 2 photographs to a set of 5 members so that It would be easy for the visitors to understand .Those explanation must be in such a way that it could take them to the place in photographs and also to feel the presence of animal inside the photo.

    1. Pooling of Volunteers would make it crowded. Further getting attendance exemption needs to be thought of.

  3. I am having a new experience of organising a event and the processes and peoples behind those works were felt through their actions

  4. The Exhibition done by Psgcas ECO Club was really very nicee.It was a great initiative taken by the ECO Club which helps the students,teachers,& also each & every humans to understand what is photography,how should we take photographs,how can we identify the meaning of photographs,what is the meaning convey by the photographer in that photo,in what perspective the photographer taken this photo,etc….
    A photo is not a pic of something.,it should Convey some meaning by seeing that.
    It should give some feeling whenever we watch that.
    In the exhibition I realise it , experience it from each & every photo.
    I’m very happy to be a part of this exhibition done by ECO Club. & Also I’m proud as a member of this ECO Club.
    I think words are not enough to say the experience.It is just a feeling, we can’t express it,we should feel it.

  5. I am delighted to be a part of this event.
    One among the girls (from visitors) got really excited on seeing the photographs in the exhibition ,she just asked us about few pictures which she couldn’t figure it out on her own and then she just started to explain about other photographs to her friends and this made us really happy. This event got a good reach among the students really interested in wildlife and photography.

    Shall all the volunteers for the session assemble about 10 minutes before the event and decide over the role they gonna play like (one assure to take care of feedbacks and the other to manage entry and exit and the remaining to decide on the photos they wanna explain) so that there would be clarity among the work they must do.
    When one leaves for break if they inform the other they shall manage the work of them too, so no works will be left incomplete.

    1. Hope Jaishni has asked the visitor to enroll in the Eco Club through QR CODe scan. We need such enthusiasts to take our messages far and wide.

  6. As always the department of Journalism and Mass Communication is doing an outstanding initiative ( I’m using the word outstanding not to exaggerate but to specify the way in which the events kindle the talents is completely a far reaching point for m(any) other departments).Keep going sir.

  7. This exhibition was really good and we had good experience of viewing best photos of international photographers. And I am proud to be in the organizing committee of such a great event.

  8. Feeling Very grateful to attend a event like this …we were very much excited to know about all these wonderful photographs taken by incredible photographers world wide ..eye catching exhibition conducted on behalf of our Eco club .We are glad that many of our freshers were able to absorb knowledge about all these amazing photographs..looking forward for further events like this

  9. The event was great. The volunteers did their work fine and the way they explained the Photographs was just awesome. The Selected 40 Photographs from more than 7000 entries were just mind blowing. I wish to thank the whole Eco Club team for their hard work and dedication.

  10. The displayed photographs and information’s were nature progressive. The explanation by incharge students were sufficient. Looking forward for more events and active participation of students including me. Initiatives to conserve and sustain environment are much needed and crucial at a draining situation with focus on climate change and for future, as we are responsible for intergenerational equity and balanced biodiversity. I’m personally longing for birdwatching events. Wishing to work with this club and the members. More ideas and thoughts from young minds are on way !

  11. While having a campus tour.. We (Freshers) fortunately had the chance to visualize the eye catching pictures! The exhibition was really satisfying and more encouraging to be in part of it. Words are not enough to describe the beauty of each and every picture <3

  12. The event was really nice.The photographs gave us a lot of information to know.The photographs presented in the hall was explained by the volunteers clearly. I’m personally thank the Eco club for their dedicated work.

  13. I’m very glad to be a part of eco club.I have seen a lot of wonderful photographs that catches my heart, my heart fills!.i’m very excited to know more thing about nature and photographs …finally thanks for making me into this club !

  14. I am very exciting to see those wild animals
    I love those things like forest ,animals ,natural
    Scenarios and etc once more I’m very exciting to join in eco club .

    By Baranidharan.S
    B.com (RM)(1year)

  15. Though i couldn’t participate in organising this event which i really regret..i am really happy about the responses for this event. Hopefully i could be a part of upcoming events and gain new insights

  16. The event was really great! As only limited volunteers were permitted and as many were really enthusiastic, I wasn’t able to join for the key day. But as far as I witnessed, the event was a great success!

    Organization : The organization was well done. The volunteers were well split into groups with dress codes that was really a well planned idea.

    Suggestions: I felt that we can invite some chief guest to give an introductory presentation that would attract audience. Also we can invite other colleges by designing invitation in prior to make it more magnificent. Also from the feedbacks I received, some of them felt that the photos could have been hanged or fixed in photo-boards which can be tried in the future.

    Otherwise, the organisation, the promotion, the enthusiastic zeal of the volunteers and the short term well made event was really fantabulous! Hats off to everyone!!!

  17. The photographs displayed at the event was really fantastic . It was my 1st experience in visiting wildlife photography exhibition and I was really astound by the photographs. The explanations given for each photographs was amazing. And the volunteers did a great job. The only this I regret is that I couldn’t be a part of this event . Hoping to be a part in the upcoming events.

  18. The exhibition was very good. All clicks were amazing and mind blowing. Some of the clicks were very inspirational. The way that volunteers explained encouraged me to show more interest in photography. Hoping to join the club.

  19. It was a great display of rare photograph. Overall it was a amazing experience in Bramham Hall at PSGCAS. I have witnessed the things which I have never seen before. Thanks for experience sir. Looking forward to work for eco culb in PSGCAS.

  20. As a person who loves photography and paintings,these made me feel to explore more and somewhere helped me to find something new. Thank you for insights 😇
    I enjoyed every picture and started to think about their efforts and creativity. i thought like giving a hug to each photographer,if they are present in front of me.
    Anyway, virtual hugs to them🤝

  21. DJ Memorial International Photography Exhibition which is conducted in psgcas through ecobclub is an good initiative where we had a chance to visit a wide range of wide world photographs in the theme of sunrise & sunset. Thanks a lot for giving a chance to take place in the event. where a suggestion the club can could some kind of events like this in the campus it will encourage and help the students to develop their passions and get recognised.

  22. The exhibition is great initiative take by Dr.Jayaprakash, it will succeed and the motive will reach the successive generations. I personally saw new graduate entrants getting attracted towards environment and supportive activities.

  23. In one word it was just awe-inspiring. The way those works of talented pals were exhibited, explanations given by our seniors, amusing speech by the person in charge etc.. everything was at its perfection. I had no clue about those photographs but the time I left the hall, I knew lighting is the key for prefect photograph, about how mother earth recreates itself without our hands in work and many more. Every single minute time I spent in the hall was worth it. Can’t wait to team up with this wonderful club.

  24. When words become unclear,I shall focus with photographs…..it was a stunning experience in the Brahmmam hall…Many clicks were unique and clear….I didn’t expect such a mind blowing photography after entering the hall I am fully got goosebumps!!!!!! thanks for giving this opportunity……

  25. I Start This With The Quote Of Alvis Lazarus, “One Life Can’t Cherish The Beauty Of Wildlife Which A Photography Can Describe By A Click ” .As A Person Who Admires Photographs , I Really Love These Photos And I Appreciate The Efforts Taken By The ECO Club to showcase these breathtaking photos. Adding To It , These Pics Adored Me To Join ECO Club and I’m really frenzied to explore more .

  26. DJ Memorial International Photography Exhibition at psg cas via eco club was a great work done by faculties to encourage and stimulate the students. Students who visited had a great chance to see the world in different ways and it can be a cata;yst in their life.

  27. When I entered the hall I really liked the ambience over there and I liked the way they presented the photographs. I was really impressed by the photography and I felt like I travelled to different countries after seeing the photography and last but not the least students there really greeted us in a good way

  28. Psg cas is the only college where the students can groom n number of talents. likewise the eco club of psg cas has various beautiful sectors for students welfare..I will be very proud of myself if iam a part of the ecoclub .wish it would happen to bloom my talents . the sun the moon the star may be differnt in size , different in color,texture,uses but all these are in one universe above the sky….. which is very beautiful to see under the sky .likewise people too maybe different in color ,size,talent but they all are equal under the sky the thing is there will be sun in this make use of it and shine on.. by seeing this photography i too want my life to shine like a sun..let the photograph’s sun rise .. his talent will also rise in this eco club

  29. Sir it’s a golden opportunity for me to join as a volunteer in the exhibition. I enjoyed a lot by explaining different photographs with my juniors. I really appreciate this initiative in our college. And I’m expecting the same in our coming years too sir. Thankyou

  30. As I’m a arts student but I am attracted towards science because of nature. like wise I am attracted towards eco club. I’m so glad to take part in this wonderful club and have experience in nature mother..😇 Thank you..

    R. P. Sobica shree BA(economics)
    1st year.

  31. First of all… Sir.. I am very thankful to you because of ur conversation with ours.. Sociology dep.. And I am very greatful to be a part of this eco club.this event really inspires me to join and involve in every programs..will conduct by this precious eco club.. This photographic pictures really makes me to think about the fantabulous creature…NATURE…
    And so.. I am willing to be a part of this club forever.. To create a good awareness among everyone who wanted to know about this..
    Once again sir.. Really I am so happy.. Sir. Tq for giving us this wonderful opportunity and being a part of this..

  32. DJ Memorial International Photography Exhibition was actually great event. Its a fabulous event that’s been displayed in our college and we should feel great about it. And been very helpful for students those who are interested in photography.
    This event has given me a awesome experience and i learned many information about photography. Feeling great for to be a part of this event. I got new experience and environment.Looking forward to work in many events.
    Thanks eco club for organizing this excellent exhibition.

  33. the exhibition was really good. I loved how minimalistic the setup was. Eco club interest me a lot because I believe that nature can revive us. Nurturing plants and studying our environment helps us learn more about us. I would really like to join the club. I especially liked the photographs on the insects

      1. hii i’m really interested in plants and gardening and I would like to explore more in activities like birdwatching and wildlife photography

  34. The art in the eco club is realistic. That attracted me more. We should join together and make it even more amazing. Thankyou

  35. i like those pictures in that event,volunteers are explained well,i like to take pictures like that….

  36. First of all the photographs were all amazing and amusing!! It has induced my very deep love and craze for photography very much as I just got drowned by seeing all those!! Being an opacarophile person, my heart just got stick into those colourful skies and beautiful sunsets!! And I also wanna appreciate the team members of eco club, they explained those photographs in a very good way and with their kind gesture they also cleared all our doubts!! And wanna thank the whole organization for presenting this wonderful exhibition and establishing the talents of many artist from all over the world!! Conduct these type of exhibitions more often as they are more fun and useful too !! Once again thank you for this beautiful session!!

  37. First when I enter I didn’t except this photo exhibition.I love photography and it seems like feast to me.I congrats the team who where been yesterday.Im eagerly waiting to be a part in this.

  38. The photographs are breathtaking and seeing such amazing photographs taken and so much grateful to see these astonishing photographs I was so much happy that got the opportunity to see them. I love wildlife and exploring new adventures and getting to know about nature and knowing how beautiful nature has created the thing. from the day one of sip was waiting to enroll in the eco-club and finally did looking forward to more have more knowledge and experience from being part of this club. The volunteers were such sweet ones explaining every detail whenever we ask them. As being botany student I love being part of the eco-club and love the work the members of eco club doing. And finally everybody did a great work organizing these exhibition of the most beautiful, photographs

  39. Hello. I think it’s been a great venture to conserve and preserve the heritage of our country’s nature. So go ahead and always as students our support will be there for you. And on hearing to this venture many started to show interest in ECO club..And I think this is the first victory of this club to attract students towards ECO Club. So keep going. Thankyou.

  40. First of all. Thank you PSGCAS for giving this opportunity.
    The exhibition was really awesome. I got a good vibration while seeing those pictures. Especially that two elephants pictures mesmerized me. By this exhibition I understand the value and difficulties of photography. After this I really want to become a part of this club. I loved it and I enjoyed it.

    Thank you.

  41. Hi I’m From Zoology department and I’m a zoophilist…. This experience opened my mind open wide… It just pulled me into it… You are doing great works…. It’s happy to hear that an organisation of a clg is doing these beautiful things even government can’t do some of these things… I want to join your beautiful journey…

  42. Hall is with 40 photography ou of 2000photo .the photography pic are wondering a lot. The pic with butterfly is also good.As many many pic in the hall symbolic something.tge pic in the hall help to understand something alot .As it tells about nature which will help to understand nature free campus.

  43. Yesterday I saw the exhibition which was fantastic. I got collapsed because it felt like a forest when i got in to the brahmmam hall. To be fair, they were not felt as photographs at all. They were too realistic. I felt like we were in the forest seeing those animals and nature with our own eyes. The greatness of the photographs and the effects made by the volunteers to explain the photograph to the students were too good.

  44. The DJMPCE conducted at PSGCAS showcased the best photographs of the event each photograph speaking for itself and putting forward a strong opinion and impact in tye viewers mind …The arrangement of the photographs prior to the lighting and spacing was very well done by the Eco club

  45. The photography’s of this eco club explain the quality and the clarity of our college. The mother nature can be beutifully viewed through the eyes of this eco club

  46. The photographs are amazing and mind blowing.Nature is the meaning of peace.In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. … Our college student has very good photography skill. Walking through the nature keeps our mind free from stress. I would like join your team and make beautiful presentation. Once again thank you for the wonderful presentation!

  47. First of all, the overall exhibition was really great and exciting. I really need to thank the management and the club for organising such a great event. To be more particular the life and death theme shown by a leaf really inspired me a lot.. and the volunteers to who were explaining us about the photography was awesome 😊.I’m excited to participate in all the activities of the club.

  48. A good thing in the life is see to the beautiful nature by our eyes and capturing it and remembering for our life time is a great thing by photography. Photography is a wonderful thing to cherish everytime in our life.

  49. The exhibition was so vivid and lively! It gave a smile on everyone’s face looking at them,taken with so much efforts! Each photo had its own uniqueness!We really admired the beauty of the nature ..which was perfectly captured by the powerful lens..The thought process and patience of each photographer inspires us a lot about the passion for work we do!! We are really happy to be part of this club and this exhibition was a great influencer for us to be a participant in the club!! Hope we can give more contribution to increase its uniqueness !!
    Thank you💫

      1. Tq sir, for your kind reply!! I am interested in photography too and meeting different people in various villages and teaching the children about various topics to make them aware about their present and past life!! The most important thing is that I want all girls and boys work together in a friendly manner to do any work so it results in ultimate teamwork and mould us to be a better person in the society!! & I am interested in various activities …Hope we’ll do our best sir!!⭐

  50. The exibition was so admirable that we had a good time on seeing those wonderful photographs. Each photography conveyed a beautiful message which inspired me a lot. I feel lucky to be a part of this club . I hope I will my best for its success!!

  51. The information of the club in web shows the quality and great work,I would like to explore in real

  52. The photography was professional and micro photography is toughest to take beautiful picture. All photography which I viewed is really unbelievable and that’s makes me Inspirable to join in eco club. The butterfly photography is unique and rare which is difficult to take that photography. I am keen interested in photography which I can see the difficulty of action to take every super and unqiue photography. To nature photography we need patience and specific skill to take professional photography.

  53. As freshers were taken on a campus tour yesterday, they took us to the hall. I being a zoology student was attracted towards the photos. I’m very glad to join the club. Hope to go to bird watching someday

  54. It gives me an immense pleasure and merry to be a part of prestigious college’s precious eco club and render my service to the society and helping to maintain the good environment and ecosystem .symbiotic life leads to serenity and mutual co existence of all living and non living creatures given by our mother nature .photography is an art of capturing the beauty and supplying the elixir of joy throughout which the photographers did and displayed in bramam hall.Hoping and looking forward to do my part towards mankind and animal kind ☆🙂

    1. Dear Akshaya, Watch out for Eco Club activity announcements in the What’s app group. Please tell us about your areas of interest and skills. We shall offer you suitable tasks in the Club activities. Can you be a part of Documentation Team which can come out with promotional and inspirational write-ups.

      1. Thank you for recognising my comment sir
        My area of interest are art ,photography and nature
        I would like to be in documentation team too

        Thanking you

  55. The photos were super duper!!. The photos were lively which we saw. I like natural photography. I wish to learn photography .The nature scenery photos which you kept in the exhibition shows how much efforts and time the photographers have put to take such an amazing photos. The volunteers who have explained about the photos were great. Thank you for the eco club and the management for the wildlife photography exhibition which has been displayed in our college.

  56. We had a nice day visiting the exibition. I felt good seeing those photographs taken with so much effort. Each photograph conveyed a beautiful message.I am happy to be a part of this club.

  57. It’s a great joy and pleasure to be a part of the prestigious PSG ‘s eco club.The magnificent photographs enlightened my vision and increased my love towards nature and animal kind. Each one inspired us a lot of being creative and choose to be unique in our work..I am so excited to have lot of fun and joy being a part of this club!!

  58. When the words are unclear and we shall focus on photograph📸 . Photography is the best thing that capturing our beautiful memories and cherishing our great and nostalgic.
    photography is good feeling and remembrance.

  59. Actually, It is one the best initiatives taken by the eco-club of PSG CAS. The photograph’s were mind blowing and I enjoyed and got many new insights. Thanks and big kudos for the team…

  60. It was a great experience working with you all. I really came to figure out that I’m kinda good at shooting videos and editing them. I know I’ve so much more to learn, because in the end I’m still an amateur. I’m very grateful for this opportunity where I could prove something to myself, that I am capable of trying new things. This was such a motivation to me. Also, me being an ambivert, sometimes it’s hard for me to mingle with people. Working in a club is just the thing I need. Made some new friends, and also made some junior friends there. Every time I volunteer for a club activity, I find something new about myself, which I absolutely love. Who doesn’t like unveiling things about oneself? I’m eager to work with The Eco Club more in the upcoming days, to be a part of this should be an honour.

    1. Hai Mokilyaa, Your REELS are doing the ROUNDS for Eco Club. Thanks for joining us. We missed to identify your works last year because of Pandemic struggles. Hope we will do a lot more interesting events and your works also would get highlighted. Planning to conduct a workshop on Making of Micro Films, which might be of use to enthusiasts like you.

  61. Photography makes people think different
    You will love the world
    The nature inside us blooms from the photos
    In bhramam hall there was a motion photography for which the photographer waits for 9hrs to take one perfect photo shot but I think its worth it
    The world is beautiful when u speak with the nature and the mediator between nature and human are photography
    Only in photography you feel the nature and love everything you see.. even a drop of water means 1000s of meanings in photography
    Photography is one of the beautiful way by which you can love and interact with the nature

  62. To everyone, it was a nice and awesome event on photography on our college not to leave it simply, all photos presented made me to crazy on lights and clicks , i love photography and many stuffs regarding this and i loved to join in this eco club team my main wish is on traveling with nature on my life , through the pics they made my mind wholesome and , no words to explain it

  63. Good morning sir i am srinivasan. I am from Bsc CT dept 1st year. I am intrested in photography and trekking sir. I am having Canon 1500D DSLR camera with a kit lens and 55-225 mm lens and a tripod. I had gone to many places and took many photos and i took wedding photos also sir and if you go to any adventueres activities kindly consider me also sir
    Thank you sir

  64. I know that I’m late, but still, gotta give it try.

    I have never been great at photography, but I’ve always had great pleasure in looking at photographs. The amount of effort that goes into getting a perfect shot alone is praise-worthy and something I could never have patience for. So, I’m glad that someone else has the patience and sincerity so that I can look, ponder, and feel serenity and melancholy, or some other very personal

    The photographs showcased at the event were remarkable. The picture tagged with 1st and 2nd prizes were exceptionally beautiful. The way photographers used light to capture the scenery invokes a certain type of feeling. Similar to an artist using a certain type of color palette to describe the tone of their art, or an author choosing a style of narration to make the readers focus on certain parts of the story more than others and try to make readers think in the way they did.

    I personally thought that the photograph with the 2nd prize tag should’ve gotten the first place, but that certainly varies with the person looking at it.

    I was specifically impressed by the photograph of a water drop falling from a bat’s legs during a sunrise. I cannot possibly fathom how many hours, days, months, or possibly even years it could’ve taken to capture a picture like that. Hats off to that photographer. The picture of an arachnid protecting its eggs is also another awesome picture that gave me unearthly vibes. The top shot of a herd of lambs in a desert (Sahara, perhaps?) especially made me stand there for a while just to look at it. It gave me thoughts that I can’t put into words. It’s not intrusive, but a feeling of calmness and tranquility. They say, “It is better to live one day as a lion than 100 years as a sheep.” But I don’t know, sheeps look happy, especially the ones in the photograph.

    All these photographs I mentioned were beautiful, but the one sitting on a chair, center-right to the stage is what I really loved the most from the exhibition. It’s taken by an Israeli photographer, I believe. The location is somewhere in China, but I do not remember the exact location or the name of the photograph. It is, in my opinion, the best photograph I’ve ever seen till then. I was genuinely looking at it for the better part of an hour, thinking that it was an acrylic painting. I was taken away by surprise when one of the volunteers explained to me that it was actually a photo taken in the early morning. Mugundharajan sir, who was standing beside me, was rightfully surprised, and was in awe for a second, and so was I. Perfect usage of lighting if the early sunrise. Although I’ve seen photographs that were more “pretty” than this in the exhibition, the way that the photographer used the sunrise in this picture was just tremendous. It’s the rawness of that photograph that I loved the most and it is perhaps the best photograph I’ve ever seen yet; just for the usage of natural light in such a unique way.

  65. Still did not get over from the “Wow” moment. I am very glad for being a part in eco club. The pictures was breathtaking and priceless. I am stunned by seeing the photos. I personally like photography and i have taken so many photos in my phone itself. My wedding photo collections are appreciated by my family and relatives. I have an Instagram account where I Post the pictures taken by me. I love photography and editing. I am interested in wildlife photography, sceneries, and many. I will give my best in eco club.

  66. It was nice event.I was happy experiencing the photographs of wildlife! It was awesome mind-blowing. Can’t wait to team up with this wonderful club.

  67. DJ memorial international photography exhibition looks amazing and very interesting. I hope people who visited it have got lot of information about it. I am looking forward to many exhibitions and events like this in the upcoming year. I’m so glad that I joined I eco club this year and I am excited to participate in these type of events.

  68. Visit to the entire exhibitions creates an absolute
    interest towards the art of photography ! Well organised and neatly displayed ! Would like to work-jointly with this kind of events in future!

  69. Good evening sir, It’s was a great pleasure going through the journal like i was more interested to know more about the photographs and their background i enquired to few volunteers and they really did a great job. Sir, they say each picture each photograph has a meaning the intensity to look through it is more important and i was really excited to see it through the sunset photos placed the emotions it conveyed was in depth and those magnificent views was a visual treat it’s been like months after the SIP but still i remember few photographs that captured the heart.Thoes photos has a calming nature which made the day.Thankyou sir I’m waiting to join the club and waiting to do workshops

  70. Technology is developing day by day. While it benefits us immensely, it also does us irreparable harm. Natural resources are greatly affected and many species are endangered. By using such technologies we are also a cause of this disaster.

    Sir, I am very glad that you have taken this initiative on behalf of Eco Club at this stage. My sincere thanks to you sir.

    While everyone is criticising that the youth are drowning in entertainment, we can see many enthusiastic students here. I am very happy to see the students who came to see the photos and the volunteers who explained the photos.

    We missed it as we were a bit late. I am very excited to see such events in the coming days.

    Visualizing something beautifully and realistically can convey many things to the audience. Sir, I request you to make many such events happen in the coming days.

    Sir, I request you to conduct a discussion fortnightly or once a month on behalf of Eco Club and invite interested students to participate in it and discuss about nature and wildlife resources among them. I also request you set up a platform for those who are interested in blog writing on nature and wildlife.

    Sir, I look forward to working with you on this journey.

  71. That event was so nice. It was an eye opening for most of us.Each and every picture mean something beyond imagination.I really felt so happy.

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